Manufactures recommend that your unit be serviced annually. This will help extend the life of the unit. Dust collects over a period of time on the condensing coil and causes the unit to function poorly along with regular cleaning neglects. Sign up for our preventative maintenance agreement for a quick and easy reminder about annual cleanings. 

There are several reasons that a unit can leak water, the most common reason being the drain line is clogged. Over time water can leave a grimy residue. Also in the off season insects sometimes like to make their home in the drain lines. Another common reason the unit can leak is because of a cracked drain pan. In any case it is best to switch cooling off and let the fan run continuously and wait for a service technician.

Different filters have different life expectancies and the life expectancy of the filter should be on the side of the filter. We suggest changing your filter every 6 weeks.

Check your breaker box. A lot of times after a storm or power surge the breaker will be tripped. About 30% of our residential service calls are a result of the breaker being tripped or someone has turned off the power.