what we do

  • We repair ALL brands of residential equipment such as package units, heat pumps and split systems. We even do duct work repair. Our technicians are friendly and courteous. They understnad the value of respecting your home. 

  • Our office hours are from 8:00am to 5:00pm. However we know that your unit doesn't always conveniently break down during office hours. Thats why we have an on call service technician available 24 hours a day! Call our main number and the operator will direct you according.
  • When it comes time to upgrade your old, outdated and poorly functioning system. Let us be the experts to replace and install your new equipment. We offer a wide variety of the latest cooling and heating equipment!
  • We repair and replace Duct Work. We also offer a cleaning service. Call today to set up your Duct Cleaning appointment.
  • As a Preferred Customer, you will receive PRIORITY ARRIVAL TIMES over other customers. NEVER PAY OVERTIME RATES AGAIN! If your unit needs attention after hours, you will not pay overtime rates. Semi-Annual maintenance will be provided during normal working hours and annotated on separate maintenance checklist between March 1- April 30 or October 1- November 30. PEACE OF MIND. We’ll contact you to schedule your next preventative maintenance. 20% discount on parts every day. Only $145 per year for first HVAC unit in each home (additional units in same home only $45 extra). This agreement will automatically renew from year to year, unless cancelled in writing within 30 days of the renewal date by either party. Failure to pay by contract expiration date will result in automatic contract termination. Because business conditions may change, Gatling’s Cooling and Heating, Inc. reserves the right to adjust the price Preventative Maintenance Agreement, but will notify you within 45 days of the expiration date of such changes. NTE 10% annually.

Duct Work and Cleaning